What we're about

Who we are 🤝

We're a team of passionate individuals on a mission to bring great education to the world.

What we do 🏫

We’re building Ikadami, a global learning platform dedicated to teaching real-world skills and alternative education.

The problem we're solving 🔨

The traditional university fails to prepare students for life and work in the modern world. Soft skills, digital literacy, and digital competencies make up the bulk of what is required to excel today. That leaves students and graduates on their own to learn through costly trial and error. Those who get ahead, get ahead. Those who don’t, get left behind.

How we solve this 🎉

We’re making alternative education and real-world skills accessible to the masses. We make learning fun, engaging, and inspiring based on community-building and mentors. We curate the best knowledge from domain experts to be the place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to learn.

Why we're doing this 😃

We believe that education has the potential to transform and uplift society. Where in the past, opportunity and special knowledge were limited by socioeconomic status - we believe that in the future, everyone should have the opportunity to get ahead.